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In recent years, we have successfully break into commercial segment such as Shopping Malls and Clubhouses. With our determination and positive brand image established over the years, we are now servicing big industry players such as Lendlease and CBRE.
In early 2019, we became one of the resource partners with Certis Cisco, one of the security industry giants. This proves to be a breakthrough for the company as compared to other agencies of similar capacity.


Since our incorporation in 2008, our expertise have been providing unarmed security officers to residential estates in Singapore. Till date, we have successfully served more than 40 residential properties. 
Throughout the years, we always strive to ensure customer satisfaction and retention, as such, many of our clients are long-term clients which plays a vital role in shaping who we are today. 
With the increasing number of private housing supply in Singapore, there are now more opportunities open for us.


We have partake various major events held in Singapore over the years. The most prominent of them would be the annual F1 race, which we have been participating since 2016. 
During event days, our clients can have a peace of mind that our Operations Team will show their full support to ensure that our security officers are always vigilant. Our Operation Executive will be present during the event to provide assistance in case of emergency situations as well as to facilitate deployment.

Remote Surveillance

With government directives of digitization of the security industry as well as budget set aside to assist Private Security Agencies with the transformation of manpower security services to incorporate technology to smooth out operational process and better manage manpower in the high manpower demand industry. 
Here in Eagle i Security Services, we understand the importance of keeping up with industry trend. We have then set up a sister company, Eagle One Security Systems in 2013 to provide remote surveillance security solutions. In this way, our clients can partially or fully replace the need of security manpower in their estates to remote surveillance, achieving cost reduction in the long run. 
Presently, we are venturing into robotics and AI studies for future implementation to the industry.


We understand that many clients faced common issues with security deployment. These issues range from security officers sleeping while on duty to no show of security officers. Instead of adding on to our clients’ problems, we are here to provide them with a solution.




Shortages of Manpower in the Security Industry

Remote Surveillance with 24 Hour Command Centre

More efficient security deployment with little to no manpower needed and at the same time, achieving economies of scale in the long run

Lack of Employee Training

Screening of officers before they are being deployed to ensure they are necessarily trained. Soft skills training are being developed to keep up with clients’ demand

Competent officers with both hard and soft skills being deployed to clients’ estates to keep up with clients’ expectations, building customer loyalty and retention

Security Officers Sleeping While on Duty/Leaving Early or Coming Late

24 Hour Command Centre to monitor the security officers to ensure they are performing their duties. Our patrol officers patrol site to site to monitor on Security Officers and provide assistance whenever required

Reduced cases of officers sleeping while on duty or leaving early and coming late for work. Helps to reduce security lapses significantly

Security Officers Never Turn Up for Work

Strong manpower base to help us cope with last minute deployment. Surplus in our active list ensure that we can deploy officers within the fastest time possible. Our Operation Executives are deployment experts and support one another in case of manpower shortfall. Should further assistance be required, our Day and Night Controller will step in to assist

Improved attendance in general. Better deployment efficiency as each individual officer are able to perform their own task rather than covering for others. This lead to a decrease in security lapses

Low Salary/Job Hopping

We have internally set up a Human Resource Management System to retain current officers and to retain the new ones. The system provides our employees with better pay scheme and welfare

Loyal and happy employees are our company’s assets. Higher customer satisfaction as a result of positive officers’ morale and less frequent changes of officers at site

Lack of Support from Middle to Upper Management

Our team is always on the ball when receiving clients’ enquiry or complaints. Usually, enquiry will be handled within 2 working days and complaints within 5 working days upon careful investigation

Increased clients’ confidence towards the company which helps to develop a long term working relationship between the two parties