Our Services

  • Uniformed and non-uniformed contract security
  • Advice of security essential needs and installation
  • Monthly inspection and maintenance of Security Surveillance devices and systems
  • Executive and private protection
  • Corporate Security
  • Professional Training
  • Preparation of security manual and operation procedures
  • Festival and special event security

Eagle I selects applicants with integrity and honesty. We do not believe in employing guards “just to fill the gap”. Our guards go through a stringent selection process before being employed. In conforming to the requirements of the Security Guards and Private Investigation Agencies Act 1973, our company adheres to the strict regulations governing the recruitment and the deployment of guards to our clients' premises.

Guards recruited by us have to comply to the following basic requirement:

  • Between the ages of 21 years and 60 years. Guards reaching the age of 55 years or who apply for a vacancy at that age group and above are sent for medical examinations at SATA. Only medically certified fit guards are recruited.
  • All guards are trained and certified by the Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD) before the deployment and the clearance certificates are given to the clients for references.
  • During the probation period, guards are made to go through competency test conducted by the company. The results are used for selection criteria for promotions or salary adjustments.
  • The minimum educational qualifications for entry into service with the company is Secondary Two (2).
  • All Guards recruited have either:
  • BSC / NSRS / WSQ
  • Police Services (regular or NS)
  • Military Services (regular or NS)
  • Singapore Civil Defense (regular or NS)
  • Security experience from recognized / established agency.

Our services rendered are by way of providing effective and competent personnel to guard your premises against theft, vandalism and fire. The first three days of their work is actually with our company. Here, our officers each specialising in his own field of experience orientates the guard to their job.

Lessons on fire safety, report writing, bearing and turnout, powers of a guard, company organization, human relationship etc are taught to them followed by an orientation visit to any three of our assignments. We believe in instilling a sense of pride and belonging to the new member.