Corporate Profile


Established in 2008, Eagle I Security Services is characterized by its meeting the requirements of our clients and the efficient ‘back-up’ systems.

Close co-ordination and regular feedback from clients and inter departmental heads has brought better results. This has determined us to continue our exploration deeper into the needs of clients and keep us equipped with the ability to foresee changing trends.

Here at Eagle I, we believe that stringent selection is a must for effective deployment of security guards. We continue to uphold this belief and we also take full advantage of the latest technology to pursue the satisfaction of our clients.

OUR VISIONTo create a safe and peaceful living environment for everyone.

OUR MISSIONTo provide a holistic one stop security solutions for our clients.




Since its establishment in 2008, Eagle i Security Services has strived to maintain trust and professionalism by creating product and services that provides value towards our clients, stakeholders and our staffs under the motto of “Change the Changeable”.

Eagle i Group is currently positioned to be ahead of the changing security landscape with a group of companies to provide more options for our clients and stakeholders such as providing manpower services and events by leveraging and developing in-house technologies to move towards a faster pace in today’s society.

Going forward, we aim to establish a corporate culture in which every member of Eagle i Group possesses the spirit of self-motivation and taking initiatives as the top priority to serve our client’s expectations in considering what can be done to meet these expectations.

In the pipeline, we are developing multiple ideas to enable our ground officers to better manage in their financial management and time management to overcome their difficulty of low wages scheme and long working hours.

We take pride in every aspect that can impact the lives of our members and clients.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.


Eagle i Security Services Management Team is made up of industry experts that helps to drive the business moving. Our team of experts play an essential role in ensuring compliance to the relevant government authorities. They help to bring the business to the next level, benefiting both internal and external stakeholders. 

Morgan has served the Singapore Police Force and Asia Pacific public listed companies as Senior Vice President, Agency Director and Regional Head. He has more than 18 years of business management experience in Real Estate, Information Technology and Private Security. Morgan comes with an extensive portfolio in managing companies and business operation with Profit and Loss of more than US$100 million. Since 2003, Morgan has personally led and trained more than 800 business associates in business development. He is also a certified ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) trainer with proven experience in delivering soft-skills, motivational and people management programmes at all levels.

Morgan rejoined the private security industry in 2017 as an Operation Executive. He rose the ranks quickly and eventually took over as the Managing Director of Eagle I Security Services in a short span of 8 months. He restructured the Company through Change Management and Business Transformation strategies, where he repositioned the company to stay abreast of the Security Industry landscape in Singapore.

Morgan is now the Group Managing Director spearheading three companies namely Eagle I Security Services; Eagle Eye Security Management Services and Eagle One Security Systems. Under his leadership, the group saw a 80% growth in its recruitment of manpower, as well as mixed development projects.

Mr. Morgan Lee
Group Managing Director

Richard signed on as the first batch army officer in 1966. He served the army till 1979 and resigned as a captain.

In 1980, Richard joined Jori Security as the licensee. When WestPoint Protective Security and Investigations was formed in 1983, he joined them as a licensee.

With his vast knowledge of the security industry, Richard founded Eagle I Security Services as a Managing Director till 2018 and the current consultant. With the network he has established over the years, Richard managed to bring in  significant number of projects for the company since its establishment. Over the decade, Eagle I Security Services have managed to achieve steady growth as a result of Richard’s commitment in ensuring customer satisfaction, resulting in customer retention and loyalty.

In his early days, he has anchored a number of major commercial projects in Singapore.

Mr.Richard H,K.Teng
Co-Founder / Consultant

Maziah possesses more than 30 years of experience in the security industry. Maziah joined Jori Security in 1980 and when sister company, Frontier Security was incorporated in 1982, Maziah was appointed as the Operation Assistant.

In 1983, Westpoint Protective Security and Investigations was formed. Maziah took over the Accounts duties. With her expertise in the industry, she has decided to form the current Eagle I Security Services in 2008 as a Finance Director and Licensee till present.

Being the Finance Director, Maziah have strong financial control of the company’s funds. Under her care, the company managed to see an increase in operational efficiency while cutting down on operational costs. This plays a major role in ensuring company’s sustainability, enabling them to grow despite the rising competition.

Mdm Maziah Binte Mohd Darus
Co-Founder / Finance Director

With more than 15 years of experience spanning across public and private sector agencies, Ivonnn is responsible for a variety of initiatives aimed at increasing operational efficiency and organization effectiveness. Her past experience as a civil service officer and business development consultant saw her helping more than 200 small and medium businesses to incorporate design thinking into their business models, products and services resulting in innovative solutions, efficiency and effectiveness in work flow and increased revenue. As a certified ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) Trainer, she has trained more than 140 participants through a series of talks, workshops and in-house training programmes.

Ivonnn joined Eagle I Security Services Management Team in 2018 and she oversee the planning, performance management and organizational development of the Company. She is focus on the people side of change, including changes to business processes, systems and technology to reflect the needs of our growing and dynamic organization.

Ms. Ivonnn Law
Head of Corporate

Teck Guan started his security portfolio serving the government under Singapore Police Force (SPF) in 1989 undertaking essential roles including being a school trainer and field instructor where SPF personnel trained under him (ranging from junior – senior officer) . He was also posted to division to undertake the role as part of crime prevention unit. During his course of service , he was involved in major events such as F1 and National Day. He left the force and officially joined the private security industry in 2012.

As an individual holding high management position, Teck Guan possesses the ability to multitask. As his role requires him to work closely with on ground officers as well as clients, he excels being a team player as well as problem solver. With the connections that he has built up over the years, he has managed to bring in multiple opportunities for the company, aiding in its growth.

Mr.Neo Teck Guan
Head of Operationws